Are your sales currently enough?

Or do you have a burning desire to be the best?

I specialize in working with B2B companies doing $1-$10 million in revenue. With a sales team of 1-10 who are interested in growing their businesses through by increasing sales. 

Because the way to grow your business is to grow your sales, develop a reputation for being an ever-expanding & evolving company that delivers the best stuff to their clients, and does it on time, regardless of what’s happening with their expansion of sales.

This system works great with service-based businesses such as in financial services, coaching, construction, design, and manufacturing.

They’re positive thinkers who don’t give up. They love to laugh and have fun.

If this sounds like you, let’s meet. 

When I started working with Rebecca I was five years into my business but I hit an all time low. I wasn’t getting clients in and my credit card debt kept going up.

I knew I didn’t need another strategy. I had strategies and systems that worked. But I could feel a block.

I worked with Rebecca to clear my money blocks and started attracting clients again and now I’m on track for a million dollars this year.

Thank you so much Rebecca!

Nicole Carlson

Get Me Get You is LIFE CHANGING! It has opened limitless possibilities in both my business and personal relations. What you learn with Get Me Get You will make it impossible not to blow away every goal you have ever set and make your clients into raving fans!

Lydia Clarke

The systems and strategies that Rebecca put in place for my multi-location dealership group were foundational. It helped us initially go from $100 million in sales to $400 million. The new systems gave us greater control in managing employees and expenses and greatly increased our profits. Rebecca was instrumental in putting a carefully selected management team together which was paramount to our business success.

Larry Carter

Desert Auto Group

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