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And am so happy you are here.

Maybe you are wondering how I can “get you”, if we don’t even know each other, right?

Well… you know how you build your business to a certain point and then all of the sudden you find yourself having a team that isn’t playing well together, having processes that actually make doing business HARDER or are you not attracting the type of client you would LOVE to work with – and end up feeling totally stressed out every single day?

… You see I was there.

As a 15 year small business owner I was being worn down by the stress and frustration if running a business that had clients and team members that were not really “getting me” or the business vision.

Because of this experience, I’m now on a mission to help conscious business owners understand how to be more influential by understanding themselves, their clients and their team members at a deeper level.  This deeper connection enables everyone to feel less frustrated, more productive and more profitable.

Not only do I have 15 years experience as a business owner, I also have 15 years experience working for other companies.  During this time I quickly learned about the “typical” business culture

You see, right out of college I had the heart and desire to help inspire my business team members to bring their best gifts to the workplace.

However, I was quickly confronted of the reality of HOW things are actually done… meaning hindering individual ingenuity and ideas.

While working for other companies I saw the patterns of communications that defy human logic and emotion. Most often this looked like people running on their own agenda and not really “getting” one another. These cross-purposes are ridiculously senseless and counter-productive AND are costing you money!

Instead, why not cultivate a business tribe that works towards mastering understanding each client and team member?

A place where there is a “sweet spot” of communication.  This means everyone feels safe to be influential  – as though their opinion and ideas count. Building this kind of culture means your clients and team members ultimately  – Get What They Want – to be respected, valued and heard. It also means that You Get What You Want – a business that thrives and produces results.  In the end, you all end up having fun while being engaged in your life’s work.

When business culture ascends, so does productivity and profits – as this improves so does the impact a company can make on their family, community, country and clients.

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